The Closest Thing To Gymkhana..

gymkhana 9 ken block drifts in front of train

Today Gymkhana 9 hit the interwebs showing off an abandoned industrial section of upstate Newyork as Ken Block rips up his new Ford Focus RS around tight corners, on piers, around cars and nearly gets nicked by a train!

This one could be Ken Blocks biggest hit yet, the entire Gymkhana series has done now over 330 Million views, at the time of writing this Gymkhana 9 is up to just over 4 million views in less than 24hrs.

Not bad!

Everyone is already talking about the risky train scene or the pier scene where he nearly drops a tire off which might have put him in the water.

In short the internet is melting and tens of thousands are sharing and talking about this, tons of people all saying “they wish they could drive like that” or “they wish something like that existed for regular people”…

…But it does!

Now I can’t close off roads for you in downtown LA (yet) but I can get you 5 days of track time in the birthplace of drift (Japan) with some of the best drivers in the world, to teach you how to drift like Ken Block!

The Drift Japan Experience was built for regular people (ok, thrill seekers) that want to learn how to drift in the best place possible.

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