Phone Service & Data

*PLEASE double check with your carrier about your international coverage before you leave! If you don't then switch your data OFF and just work off wifi.  Most phone service providers will stick it to you if you don't tell them you went overseas and then just start using the phone in another country. Its not good, we are talking HUGE overages. Now the cool thing is most phone services nowadays offer amazing international coverage, regardless of the country you live in. Here is a list of quick links to get you to where you need to go on most common carriers. Australia

United States

*If you don't see your carrier above, simply give them a call or search out "International" on their site to get directed to more info... Understand you always have the pre-paid SIM card option if your phone is "unlocked" and then you could just pick up a Jap SIM and rock that until you leave. That is a pretty cheap solution its just you would have to worry about coverage on data and phone service itself. Also understand this would give you a Jap number and doesn't give you international coverage, but again you can add that.


Data is the tricky part on international travel, calling is pretty standard now but the data can be very costly. Now we plan on locking in some Wifi-hotspots that everyone can use while we are up at Ebisu, in Tokyo coverage won't be an issue. At Ebisu the coverage is very bad so even if you had full coverage its not that great, so we will have these hotspots so you can keep posting on Facebook, Insta & Twitter. 🙂


*I will most likely be updating this article from time to time to ensure I give the most useful information for your traveling, check back often!