Our Story: How Peak Experiences Came To Life!

Hey Jameson Brandon Here.....

I want to share with you the story of how we got started and how this crazy idea turned into an actual company, and I want to tell you where we are going and how you can become a part of this community.

First off I think how most companies are created or come together is widely uninteresting, which makes stories like this one all the better. Most people get an idea based on a gap they see in a market or industry and then create a business to fill that gap, that’s smart but the issue with that is its not necessarily a passion of theirs!

Most people start a business or take on work to make money, instead of finding something they are passionate about and then trusting there are ways to profit from doing something you love.

Passion is the magic element that keeps one going when no one is looking, when the cameras and crew are gone, passion is what drives someone to create something truly magical. I don’t believe you can create an amazing company without it!

Understand that I am a big experimenter at heart, meaning I am always testing out ideas and concepts on myself and those around me (probably why I have very few close friends 🙂

There is this concept that I have been playing around with for the last few years and its this concept that as an adult we don’t play enough, we take everything so serious and “work” too much.

Last year part of a test I ran was to ‘have fun first’ in the day and then work, it lead to some of my best writing, and most powerful decisions I needed to make back then.

That is how the concept of Peak Experiences was born….

Play More! Work less

See what is funny about that concept that most don’t realize is that when I play and I tap into that child like fun we all have access to, then I actually create more powerfully in my business and life.

Here is the simple equation…

When I play, it leads to more work getting done and when I work, it doesn’t lead to play

Such a simple concept right?

In the modern landscape of being an entrepreneur and running a company there are some really warped viewpoints on how one should work, there is especially this concept of “grinding” and working day and night which seems to be popular.

I don’t agree with that at all as a long term strategy. As a human being I believe it is in our DNA to play and have fun!

I created Peak Experiences based on that simple concept and our tagline is incredibly simple yet powerful – “Play and Grow!”

When a human being plays, they usually are inspired and they usually grow. There are multiple deep reasons while but the simplest is that you tap into FLOW which is a state of presence where the inner critic fades away in the background and this state of knowingness appears.

FLOW state has been widely researched in recent years and is thought to be the most powerful state we have access to as a human being. Any extreme sports athlete or race car driver is familiar with FLOW or this state of "being in the zone".

With the events we put on, we invite adults to tap back into that childlike fun and even teach them how to do that more so they get more out of the event. We usually pair that up with speed learning some sort of high octane sport or skillset because it easy to access FLOW.

If we do our job correctly then everyone should leave saying something like “That was exactly what I needed” and walking away with new skills, new confidence and a better self image.

I am not concerned with creating a bunch of events really quickly, I am focused on creating a few amazing events that we run often and that actually deliver people what they need, while appealing to what they want.

What I see happening with Peak Experiences is it turning into more of a community that all have caught the vibe on what we are doing and want to be a part of that. They want to tap into that energy and get a piece for themselves.

So I welcome you to join in the community and take part, get involved with our projects and interact with us on social media.

Jameson Brandon (Founder, CEO)

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