Maven Labs Comes On Board


We are extremely happy to announce that Maven Labs the performance supplement company has come on board as a sponsor for the 2016 Japan Experience in November. This means that everyone that comes along this year will be leaving with a 90 day supply of both Brain Stack (the natural nootropic) and Unwind (the natural sleep and recovery aide)


Jameson has been taking Brain Stack on and off for several years and is super excited that just as they release their new formula they come on board to help our team crank up their cognitive powers as we drift in the mountains of Japan. This is exactly what we will ALL need to get that mental edge.

Natural nootropics are nothing new, in fact there are SO many brands and products now that most people aren’t really sure where to turn for help.

Natural products are the better option when it comes to removing brain fog and cranking up your reaction and computing skills. This all fits inline with what we are all about here at Peak Experiences.

If you’re looking for a mental edge with your performance, then check out Maven Labs, you can get 20% off if you purchase through this link!

If you haven’t checked out The Japan Experience yet, then you should!

-Peak Team!