How The Drift Japan Experience Came To Life


I want to tell you about how the Japan Experience came to life, understanding this will help you see why this is going to be such an epic-can’t miss experience!

Last year I had this crazy idea to put together a Drift racing event in Japan, where we would put together the A-Z assets for someone to just show up and drive for like 10 days straight, then invite out people who wanted to learn drifting. (we ended up settling on 5 days, 6 nights)

The selfish goal was to speed learn drifting for myself so I could do a personal challenge (I do these a lot) where I enter into the Australian drift circuit and attempt to win a competition in 30 days.

As I mentioned I like to do challenges like this especially when its sports like drifting or skillsets that most people would agree takes 5-10 years to get good at to see if I can prove that wrong, must be the contrarian in me.

Anyway, I didn’t get a chance to do that, a bunch of friends from Australia went over to Japan and did it without me which I was bummed out about to say the least.

When I came back to the US earlier this year, I still had this crazy thought in my mind, now I could have easily just ignored it and chose to the easy way out on that, but truly I just couldn’t shut it out of my mind.

Finally after a few weeks of trying to ignore it as it was in my frontal lobe daily, I gave in and decided to start putting this event together.

Then The Japan Experience was born…

Japanexperience logo

I kept this under wraps for a few weeks while I was building it out and putting together the details as I was still quite scared, the fear of doing it has since gone away and now I am getting fully tuned into making this the most epic experience for those who are a part of this.

From the drivers, to the attendees I want them to remember this forever and be impacted by this throughout their life. Most importantly though, I want to build a community out of this crazy idea and host these a few times a year.
When someone comes out and joins us, little do they know they are in fact a part of the family at that point and will have options to come out and join us at all the future experiences we put on in Japan and other countries.

Once you invest in your spot to attend this experience everything is covered for you, its a All-inclusive style event. We contact you to book your round trip flights, we cover ALL food and lodging, and we provide the entire drift learning experience from professional drivers to cars all tailored in a way to help you speed learn this new skill.

All you have to do is show up, open minded and ready to have fun- we will walk you through the levels super fast and have you drifting in no time.

The event that you see offered in front of you today to come out with us is the culmination of over a year of planning and madness in my mind.

I firmly believe the world needs more of this kind of madness, and cannot wait for you to join us in Japan!

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Much love my friends,


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