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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this different than like a drive day?

Great question! This is far from a ride along with a pro for a few laps, or a weekend course where you get drive time on a wetpan course with an instructor. We are going to the birth place of drift! to provide an authentic and unique drift learning experience!

This is a hands on experience where we not only get you in the car with a drift professional but we start with installing a prep-process to get your mind right each day, similar to the process that the drivers use themselves, we work with you directly over 5 FULL days out at the track and cover the following...

Drift specifics you will learn

  • Clutch kick entries
  • Hand brake entries
  • Holding a drift and throttling
  • Hitting switchbacks
  • Battling against other cars
  • Weight transfer and more advanced technique

On top of that we help turn skill in automatic habit with deep inner game work that flat out we have never even seen offered out there. The mindset piece is what sets apart winners from competitors so regardless if you are looking to come out and learn drifting to get into the sport or you are a seasoned veteran looking to start placing on the podium, this experience is for you!

What Is Included/Not Included?

Great question!

When you invest in a spot to the experience, what you're getting is an all-inclusive. Immediately after purchase is complete you have access to all intake documents, travel cheatsheets on how to pack and avoid jet lag, and you will have direct access to our team with any questions you have. Within 48hrs we will have your round trip flights booked and before you know it, you will be with us in Japan.

We cover room and board, all food, provide cars for the group and professional drivers to walk you through the training.

We do work off a curriculum and stick to an agenda over the 8 days/7 nights to ensure we pack as much drift fun in as we can. For days 2-5 we will be on the track, training and driving for 8hrs or so...

At the end of the experience we will see you off safely to the airport. The event doesn't just end after that 8th day, you are a part of a community after your experience, you will have life time access to this group, the members area with exclusive training, video interviews and access.

We are working with sponsors for this event so you can expect an assorted bag of swag to leave with (promise it won't be too big) valued at $500USD.

During the Drift experience, we will have several videographers out there with DSLRs, Drones and Gopros strapped to the cars so you will get a copy of that footage after post production.

Lastly we have several Vloggers coming so chances are high you will get a feature on popular Youtube channels and social media.

What if I am already competing?

Great question!

This event is far from a "beginners only" event, because the drivers have so much experience with working from beginner to pro level drivers and instructing hundreds if not thousands, we tailor and group people together based on skill set. So if you come in with 5 years of driving experience for example, you would be put in a group of similar attendees.

Our events seem to attract both the beginner level and those looking to take their driving to the next level and start winning competitions.

We can handle both ends of the spectrum, that is one of the powers of keeping our training groups smaller and bringing over so many drivers to train you.


What if I have already been to Ebisu?

If you have already been out to Japan and drifted on the Ebisu track complex that only adds to the experience you will have with us as you already know the lay of the land. The big things you will take away from this is the mindset piece and getting first hand instruction from pro drift car drivers who WIN!

How Much Does It Cost?

On each event page you will see the full cost of registration and a breakdown of what is in fact included in that price. You will see that echo'd throughout the checkout process.

We run an early registration price which is cheaper than the regular price by about 25% or so, as well we offer group rate discounts and private bookings for lager groups you just need to contact our support team to talk over those details.


What Happens After I Purchase?

After you checkout and claim your spot you will be redirected to an intake form where we get all your information so that we can get your apparel lined up, flights booked with seat and food preference and get you added to our rolodex.

Next we get your flights booked up with 48hrs of registering (this may change for events happening more than 3 months from todays date) and we add you into the private community.

From there you work with our team to get all documents and information setup and ready to rock. The private community will help keep you in the loop as the time rolls on before you join us here in Japan.

What If I Can't Make It Or Change My Mind?

If something changes for you and at some point you can no longer make it understand that based on how far out we are from the experience itself, we do have a refund policy that goes over the broad strokes but we also understand that every situation is going to be a bit different.

There will be an option of refunding or exchanging, maybe getting you lined up for another event we hold in the future. Flights and any other accommodations that have been booked will be treated on a case by case basis, and we will work with you to get the resolved.

This is another reason we suggest that you commit 100% before you move forward with us because we book flights within 48hrs of your investment which flights are getting more and more tricky to refund and/or credit back to ones mileage accounts.


How much would this cost if I wanted to do it all myself?

Great question, if after reading through all this you are motivated to go and set up your very own Japan experience, book it all yourself, buy the cars etc, here is a roughed out cost you would be looking at...

-Round Trip Flight - $1500 (trip from US)
-Room & Board (7 nights) - $800USD
-Food (8 days) - $400USD
-Purchase Drift Car - $5,000USD
-Hire Pro Drift Car Driver - $5,000USD (they would expect you to pay their way on everything)
-Car Support - $500USD (doesn't guarantee a mechanic or speedy support)
- Tyres- $2,850USD (5 days of driving)
-Fuel- $965USD (2 tanks per day, car)
-Japanese Guide To Get Around - $200USD
-Track Fees- $400USD

 Total: $12,200- $17,615

* All of this is based on 5 days of driving, total trip of 7-8 days

* We didn't equate cost of time invested in lining all this up as that true cost will be different for everyone.

*Round trip from AUS and other parts of the world will be different costs.

*The price we put in for purchase of a drift car would actually vary greatly from $5000-$7000USD. You can still find matsuri missiles for cheaper but it will probably also not run right or consistently so more time would be spent off track fixing it.

*Understand that you would have to purchase a drift car and then do something with it when you leave, selling would be the most common option but you get way less because everyone knows you NEED to sell. You would have to pay to store it if you kept the car.

How Do I Get More Information?

You can read more of the back story on Peak Experiences the company, get an more in depth story on the team bringing you the Drift Japan Experience here, or reach out with a support ticket for more help

Who Do I Talk To About Coming On As A Sponsor?

If you represent a brand or company and think you would benefit from the exposure of coming on as a sponsor to the Drift Japan Experience, reach out to us here

Still Have Questions?

If you have looked over the FAQ above and still have questions or your question isn't adequitely answered then feel free to drop us a support ticket here

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