Meet The Guys Involved With The Drift Japan Experience

We wanted to give you a deeper look at the people who are involved with the Drift Japan Experience, not those working behind the scenes but those who will be on that trip with you if you so decide to come along…

Meet Jameson Brandon

Jameson is the founder of Peak Experiences and the guy behind a lot of the crazy ideas that you see running throughout this site. Jameson is a True Entrepreneur, Epic Storyteller, Thrill Seeker and Brand Ambassador all wrapped into one.

Simply put Jameson is a Peak Performer, he has the ability to turn ideas into brands through sheer grit, belief, consistency and mastery over oneself. He has been able to reinvent himself over and over, pivoting to align more and more with his true-self through his business ventures and this passion of helping others create peak experiences is at the root of this company.

Peak Experiences is the brainchild of Jameson traveling the world sharing what he called “peak experiences” with others, when he came back to America in early 2016, he knew it was time to help others create amazing memories through challenging fun experiences.

At some point Jameson realized that the more you challenge yourself in new and exciting ways, the more resilient you become, but also the stronger your self image becomes and no matter how the experience goes you have the option to better yourself.

Jameson brandon in bali indonesia

Jameson riding a full sized clutched bike for the first time while in Bali, Indonesia

Jameson met the Blaze Unit team in 2015 while in Australia and immediately they clicked, as they say like attracts like. What all these guys have in common is they are willing to push themselves in order to get better. They are masters of their craft and able to make really complex and “hard” things seem effortless and easy.

jameson brandon meeting blaze unit

Jameson Meeting Blaze Unit For The First Time while in Australia

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Meet Blaze Unit

Blaze Unit team is comprised of Pro Drift veterans Scott Schembri and Jabbit Bonks who reside in Australia. With a combined experience level over 15 years these two are usually fighting for the number 1 spot in the Australian drift circuit.

They are both laid back guys off the track but on the track they are almost polar opposites, Scott drives like a madman who is driving a car for the first time, obsessed with seeing how fast he can go- pushing it to the max and Jabbit is like the Yoda of drift, relaxed and going with the ebb and flow of the universe, or in this case his 180SX drift car.

Scott and Jabbit just strike you as “good dudes” when you meet them which is probably why they have amassed such a strong following on the track and off it on social media. They take time to actually meet and talk to their fans and those looking to get involved with the sport of drift itself ensuring the sport continues to grow.

The Blaze unit can often be found out on the Sydney race track volunteering their time to help others learn the mechanics of drift. While most people are scared to death to break traction in a car and have been taught that its bad and means you’re in trouble they take those with these ingrained beliefs quickly from that fear to a place of control inside the vehicle while it is in fact sideways.

Blaze Unit Scott Schembri & Jabbit Bonks

Blaze Unit Scott Schembri & Jabbit Bonks

Blaze Unit Drift Battle

Blaze Unit Drift Battle

Getting Smoked

Getting Smoked

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