Attention: High Performers, Entrepreneurs & Adrenaline Junkies...

The Drift Japan Experience

Spend 8 Days & 7 Nights In Japan, Speed Learning Drift Car Racing From The Best In The World...


Top 5 Reasons To Attend

Learn Drifting-
Now your intention could be to learn drifting because you want to break into that sport or it could be simply a new challenge hobby and fun thing for you to kick around with the boys when you need to get away back home, either way this suits you!


Experience Japan- Most people travel the world and stay in the comfy hotels and see the “popular” spots and attractions without ever really seeing the city. We are all guilty of doing this, even here in America. There is a huge difference between that style of traveling and breathing in the culture of a country by living in it and interacting with the everyday people.


Speed Learning Framework-
 Jameson has been using this framework now for along time, each year it gets more and more refined and better, last year he used it on things like dirt bike riding, acting and hosting a personal growth event, this year we are gonna use it to pick up drifting faster. The feeling you will have is that you’re picking this back up, not starting from scratch, so many of the fears around your driving experience will be gone! (learn more)


Network- All the guys coming here on this experience are going to be JUST LIKE YOU! The experience itself will have us all feeling like family when its all done with, and the community will only grow bigger. We are going to do this yearly and each group will get to join the community and access the bigger network.


Hidden Growth Factors-
Fact is when you go away with a group of people and experience something amazing together, it changes you! As an individual you see the world differently, your view has changed and shifting into a different perspective. You all share "Aha" moments and things that stand out as very significant to you.


Let's Talk About The Experience!

Hey Jameson Brandon here and I am so excited to write you this quick letter that is outlining surely the coolest thing I have ever put together at this point in time!

I am calling this the "Japan Experience" because I feel its gonna change your life if you decide to come along. Let me break down what is all going on with this and then you can decide if you want to take the next step....

We are all going to fly into Tokyo, spend 1 day there site seeing, having fun and getting ready for some driving. From there we take a bullet train up 4hrs to the mountains where we will spend the next 5 days driving almost day and night. After that we make our way back down to Tokyo and all fly out!

I am going to fly in a few friends from Australia who are professional drift car drivers, that you will get to drive with, learn from and hang out with. These guys are cool ass dudes, let me just say that now!

Then there is of course me who is going to apply deep subconscious black magic on you so that you pick up drifting that much faster. It will seem like such an effortless thing that you have done for years, it will feel as though you are picking it back up again- not starting from scratch.

Once you commit to this experience, everything else is handled for you. We cover your airfare, room and board, food, provide you with drift cars and anything else you can think of while you're with us here in Japan.

Quick Look

Where: Tokyo, Japan

Who: Jameson, videographer,  pro-drift car drivers (2), Mechanic, and the other guests

Why: For us all to drift Japanese cars in the birthplace of drifting (Ebisu compound), see Japan (guarantee you haven't seen it like this), grow through this experience, take a quantum leap in what's possible for you- I guarantee you will level up in your thinking, be featured in a docu series on drifting, have some serious fun!

Itinerary: You commit to the experience, I cover round trip airfare for you out to Tokyo from where ever you're in the world, I cover room and board, food, provide drift cars, tires, and all car support while we are out there. Its what I call end-to-end.

ebisu tokyo drift

ebisu tokyo drift

Lets Break Down The Agenda

Day 1- It All Starts

We all meetup here in Tokyo, hangout and spend the night here. Most likely we will not party too late but you never know, a bunch of high performing adrenaline junkies meeting up is always questionable.

Day 2- Ebisu Bound

On day 2 we leave Tokyo and head up to the Ebisu compound where the rest of the team awaits and the cars are waiting and ready to go. We leave early am, get there mid afternoon and then run through full mental prep training.

Day 3,4,5,6,7 Drift, Eat, Learn, Repeat

On day 3-7 we will be driving, learning and fitting about 1.5-2 years of driving into those 5 days. We start at the basics- hand brake and petals and move up into advanced body weight transfer and 2 car + battles and trains.

Day 8- Final Day

On the last day, we will be heading back down to Tokyo as a group and saying goodbyes. Hardy is it a goodbye, with lifetime access to the community, drivers and training, plus future opportunities to come back out-this is merely the beginning

Actual Ebisu Track Circuit

Meet The Team

Jameson Brandon- Host (Peak Experiences Founder)

Jameson will be your host at the experience, he will help get you mentally prepared for the speed of which we will be moving through the training, helping you drop the crap that will stop you from picking this up fast.

Jameson's background is in Digital Publishing and marketing selling millions in product to more than 60,000 people around the world. He has been homeless and lived in a penthouse, this has given him a unique perspective on life,  he says "Everyone should have more of what they want!"

He launched Peak Experiences in 2016

Blaze Unit- Professional Drift Car Drivers

scott schembri australian drift pro

drift jabbit australian drift pro

"Blaze Unit" is a team of professional drift car drivers from Australia, Scott Schembri and Jabbit Bonks. "Shem & Jabs" These guys are usually number 1 & 2 in the drift circuit each season, fighting for the top spot. They have over 15 years of combined experience with not just drifting, but pushing the sport in their country.

Event Price Breakdown

Below is a breakdown of what you get if you purchase a ticket to the Drift Japan Experience

What's Included...

  • Round Trip Airfare (Tokyo)
  • Room & Board (8 days)
  • All Meals (8 Days)
  • Any transportation costs (pickup/drop off from airport) along the way
  • Multiple Pro Drift Car Drivers To Learn From
  • 5 Days Of Driving & Training With Professional Drift Car Drivers
  • Access To Line Up Of Drift Cars (Nissan's, Toyota's mostly)
  • Full Car Support Handled For You (anything breaks, we fix it)
  • All Tires & Daily Track Fees Provided
  • Access To Community (this is a community of other attendees, drivers and influencers you get access to)
  • Swag Bag Valued @ $500

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different than something like a drive day?

Great question! This is far from a ride along with a pro for a few laps, or a weekend course where you get drive time on a wetpan course with an instructor. We are going to the birth place of drift! to provide an authentic and unique drift learning experience!

This is a hands on experience where we not only get you in the car with a drift professional but we start with installing a prep-process to get your mind right each day, similar to the process that the drivers use themselves, we work with you directly over 5 FULL days out at the track and cover the following...

Drift specifics you will learn

  • Clutch kick entries
  • Hand brake entries
  • Holding a drift and throttling
  • Hitting switchbacks
  • Battling against other cars
  • Weight transfer and more advanced technique

I am sure you see this is quite different than anything else out there, you don't want to pass this up!

What would it cost for me to do this on my own?

Yes 100% you could, here is a look at the hard costs of going out to Japan, buying a drift car, hiring a drift pro, getting around and figuring it all out.

-Round Trip Flight - $1500 (trip from US)
-Room & Board (7 nights) - $800USD
-Food (8 days) - $400USD
-Purchase Drift Car - $5,000USD
-Hire Pro Drift Car Driver - $5,000USD (they would expect you to pay their way on everything)
-Car Support - $500USD (doesn't guarantee a mechanic or speedy support)
-Japanese Guide To Get Around - $200USD
-Daily Track Rate- $150USD
- Hire car fees- $760USD (Could also take bullet train up to about 30 mins from track and still needing a hire car after spending all day on trains)

 Total: $14,310 or so..

* We didn't equate cost of time invested in lining all this up as that true cost will be different for everyone.

*Round trip from AUS and other parts of the world will be different costs.

*The price we put in for purchase of a drift car would actually vary greatly from $5000-$7000USD. You can still find a beater for cheaper but it will probably also not run right or consistently so more time would be spent off track fixing it.

*Understand that you would have to purchase a drift car and then do something with it when you leave, selling would be the most common option but you get way less because everyone knows you NEED to sell. You would have to pay to store it if you kept the car.


How come there is no testimonials?

The first DJE is happening Nov 9-16th 2016 which we will have videographer and 9 attendees joining us, after that you can expect video footage from past events and captured moments we can all share. For now we have the community we are building on the fanpage and all their epic reactions to this unique event.

How did you figure pricing on this?

Another great question, we struggled to price this in all honesty, DJE is new even though we have run events in the past so we wanted to price it in a way that promote confidence and get people coming.

The price we foresee will be more in the future, the first one we are still building the brand and awareness so pricing will be 25% off for early registration which is all the more reason for you to checkout and grab your spot if you're on the fence.

This event was created to be a unique Tokyo drift experience for a smaller group to get more track time and direct one-on-one time with our team to ensure we are giving you the best we got!


What Happens After I Purchase?

After you purchase, you will be redirected to a page that outlines the next action steps. We will reach out to you via email with this same information as well. First we will jump on a call and grab all your intake info so we can book your flights and start getting you fully booked up!