Drift Car Drives Announced


We are really excited to announce the driving team that we are bringing out to Japan for the 2016 Japan Experience. These guys are 2 of the absolute best drift car drivers in all of Australia and we have them coming out this November to train and teach you to drift at Ebisu!

The team we are bringing out is the Blaze Unit comprised of Scott Schembri and Jabbit Bonks!


Each year these guys finish top 5, usually battling each other for first and second place in the Drift Allstars circuit!

When they are not battling each other for the podium, they are teaching others how to drift each weekend and living life to the fullest.

So for those of you who are coming to the 2016 Japan Drift Experience, you will get many hours of direct chair time with these guys helping you from the passenger seat.

I call Jabbit the yoda of drift because his approach is so zen like and effortless, and Schembri is a madman with the throttle and will show you how to really lay on the gas and smoke those tires.

- Jameson Brandon, Founder

Follow these guys on social media to start to get to know them now…

Blaze Unit Drift Team Fanpage (where they mostly post)

A few more photos for you to check out…