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Drift Japan Experience's Summarized...

  • 1

    DJE is 8 day, 7 night full immersion drift experience @ Ebisu track complex

    Meaning we pay for round trip flights, lodging, all food, provide all drift cars, tyres and fuel

  • 2

    You Get Trained By Professional Drift Car Drivers

    We bring in the best drivers from around the world to train you one-on-one on technique and skill

  • 3

    You Get Trained By Professional Mindset Coaches

    You get access to top "inner game" coaches that will help you clear through blockages quickly and pattern new habits around your drift game.

  • 4

    You Just Show Up, Drift & Grow

    We bring together a small group of people show up as individuals and leave as a family & community all striving for more