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Once again welcome, we are excited to have you joining us in November! We have quite a bit on this page and adding more all the time to help you best prepare for your trip out as well as get the most out of it.


*After we book your flight and you get reservation information, please go and fill in your passport id, emergency contact and any mileage account info you may have. If you don't have a mileage account then I suggest you get one as this trip alone will earn you hefty miles that can be used up till 1 year.

*If you haven't already linked up with Jameson then do so you can email him [email protected] or private message him on fb here

  • Welcome & Trip Guide
    Welcome & Trip Guide

    This is an overview of all the details with the trips, things like Visas, how to pack, phone service etc highlighted here


Below are all the most important documents that you need to submit BEFORE you get on your flight to Tokyo. Ideally we would like these in the 24-48hrs that follow you claiming your seat to finish the onboarding process.

  • Intake Form (this should already be done, we dropped you here after checkout)

  • Media Release (sent to you via Right Signature within 24hrs)

  • Waiver & Liability (sent to you via Right Signature within 24hrs)


Below are all the links and additional things you will enjoy and possibly need for your trip out to Japan to join us. Look for this to be added at the 30 day before trip mark...

Additional Links

Coming soon

  • Jameson Brandon

    Turned on the comments so I could get quick notes added here while we are still getting the members area setup for you. We will move the conversation in a few days but for now wanted to update you as a group here.

    A few important notes…

    1. Should I bring my own helmet? We have been booking out flights that allow you to bring on a 2nd carry on which technically a helmet is, so you can bring you carry on suitcase, backpack and helmet. I will notify you personally If anything changes with your particular flight as I book it.

    2. Read all the info above,download and keep everything on your end for your records.

    3. The additional video and write up material for how to travel/pack and beat jet lag will start to be linked up at the 30 days out mark.

  • Jameson Brandon

    How to Pack your suit case and “never traveled internationally before” will be up in next 48hrs. Enjoy the other articles in the meantime if you haven’t already.