Micro Creates The Macro- 4 Little Things That Help You Learn Anything Faster!


The number 1 question I would say I get has to do with frequency and intensity of training when you’re trying to learn something quickly so I want to address that question in this post. First off I am all about the MED (minimum effective dose), start small and do just enough to get the…

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3 Simple Tips For Learning How To Drift Faster


I want to share with you some really simple tips for learning things faster, now this could be used for Drifting, riding a bike, dancing anything really. A lot of what I talk about when it comes to learning things quickly have to do with the subconscious and areas that most people don’t even think…

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What Is A Peak Experience?

Rock climber celebrates  on the needle pointed summit of a pinnacle after a successful ascent.

A peak experience is a moment accompanied by a euphoric mental state often achieved by self-actualizing individuals- according to Wikipedia. The topic of peak experiences has been talked about for quite some time, if you were to google it you would notice that Abraham Maslow owns most of the search results as the originator of…

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The Closest Thing To Gymkhana..

gymkhana 9 ken block drifts in front of train

Today Gymkhana 9 hit the interwebs showing off an abandoned industrial section of upstate Newyork as Ken Block rips up his new Ford Focus RS around tight corners, on piers, around cars and nearly gets nicked by a train! This one could be Ken Blocks biggest hit yet, the entire Gymkhana series has done now…

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Flow State & Speed Learning How To Drift

flowstate figure

I figured since I am out there in interviews and the media claiming I have some magic formula on speed learning that I would start to share it with you here exclusively on the blog and go into detail that only those who attend will receive. I want to talk about by far the number…

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How The Drift Japan Experience Came To Life


I want to tell you about how the Japan Experience came to life, understanding this will help you see why this is going to be such an epic-can’t miss experience! Last year I had this crazy idea to put together a Drift racing event in Japan, where we would put together the A-Z assets for…

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Its Official: Rob Dahm Is Coming!


We are super excited to announce that Youtube sensation Rob Dahm has been added to the roster of those attending the Japan Drift Experience 2016! For the few that don’t know who Rob Dahm is, he is every car guys classic car guy, owning some amazingly unique vehicles like his 2001 Lamborghini Diablo, or his 750RWHP…

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Maven Labs Comes On Board


We are extremely happy to announce that Maven Labs the performance supplement company has come on board as a sponsor for the 2016 Japan Experience in November. This means that everyone that comes along this year will be leaving with a 90 day supply of both Brain Stack (the natural nootropic) and Unwind (the natural…

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Drift Car Drives Announced


We are really excited to announce the driving team that we are bringing out to Japan for the 2016 Japan Experience. These guys are 2 of the absolute best drift car drivers in all of Australia and we have them coming out this November to train and teach you to drift at Ebisu! The team…

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